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9th Annual CodeX FutureLaw conference

Industry Director, Ms Alexis Chun, was one of the panel speakers for the session titled Computational Contracts 2021 at the 9th Annual CodeX FutureLaw conference. Chaired by Professor Harry Surden (University of Colorado), the panel addressed the state-of-the-art of computable contract technology: -

  • What are computable contracts and how do they differ from typical English-language contracts?
  • Where are computable contracts being used today?
  • What can be done with the technology?
  • What are it’s current limits?
  • Where do we aspire to the future?

The session also focused on an exciting and rapidly emerging application: computable contracts in the insurance sector.

Event Date

8 April 2021

Event Venue


Associated Speaker & Theme

Industry Director
Alexis Chun