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Legal Tech Essentials 2022

The Centre for Computational Law co-hosted the 2022 Legal Tech Essentials: Global Edition in partnership with Professor Daniel Katz, Chicago-Kent College of Law and Professor Dirk Hartung, Bucerius Law School Center for Legal Technology and Data Science. The Essentials was a series of curated online seminars on legal technology, legal operations, and legal innovation and delivered by distinguished legaltech speakers such as Professor Richard Susskind, Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) Deputy Commissioner, Mr Yeong Zee Kin and Supreme Court Chief Transformation and Innovation Officer, Mr Tan Ken Hwee. The event reached over 3,000 global audience from more than 80 countries.

Event Date

10 November - 8 December 2022

Event Venue


Associated Speaker & Theme

Centre Director, Assistant Professor of Law and Computer Science (Practice)
Lim How Khang
Deputy Director, Assistant Professor of Law
Jerrold Soh
Principal Investigator
Wong Meng Weng