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Jerrold Soh

Deputy Director, Assistant Professor of Law
+65 68261310


Jerrold is an assistant law professor, legal analytics startup founder, and self-taught programmer. He teaches torts, a legal area of under-appreciated relevance to technology and AI regulation. His research centrally asks how we might best deliver justice at scale to those who need it. It is well-recognised that
having more lawyers working harder, faster, and smarter, though important, is not enough. He explores how technology can, will, and should be used to do justice. 'Can' is a technical question on how we might computationally represent law's logic, while empirically analysing law's experience. 'Will' is a predictive question informed by market study of legal technology and
innovation trends. 'Should' is a normative question which must be informed by law, policy, and ethics, particularly where algorithmic fairness or autonomous system liability is concerned. Jerrold draws broadly on his backgrounds in law, economics, and programming to answer these questions.