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One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary people. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary person” (adapted from Elbert Hubbard). At CCLAW, we value each member of our interdisciplinary team and work closely together to create the future of law. Find out more about our team below.

Centre Director, Assistant Professor of Law and Computer Science (Practice)

Lim How Khang

How Khang is currently the Director of the Centre for Computational Law (CCLAW), as well as the Bachelor of Science (Computing & Law) Programme. His areas of specialization are in Computational Law, Natural Language Processing and Legal Technology. He teaches Digital Intelligence for Lawyers, Digital Innovation for Access to Justice, Criminal Law and Ethics and Social Responsibility.
Deputy Director, Assistant Professor of Law

Jerrold Soh

Jerrold is an assistant law professor, legal analytics startup founder, and self-taught programmer. He teaches torts, a legal area of under-appreciated relevance to technology and AI regulation. His research centrally asks how we might best deliver justice at scale to those who need it.
Principal Investigator

Wong Meng Weng

Meng is a computer scientist (CS Penn ‘97) and co-founder of Legalese, a computational law startup that applies computer science to law. Meng previously designed Internet email infrastructure (RFC4408), co-founded two high-tech startups and JFDI.Asia. He’s been appointed to research fellowships at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center, Stanford University’s CodeX, and Ca’Foscari University.
Industry Director

Alexis Chun

Alexis is a recovering lawyer and self-taught programmer. She is the co-founder of Legalese, a computational law startup that applies computer science to law. An advocate and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore, she received her Bachelor of Laws from Queen Mary, University of London (2:1).

Engineers and Research Scientists

Senior Research Scientist – Computational Linguistics

Inari Listenmaa

Inari is a computational linguist who specialises in multilingual language technology. She received her PhD in computer science from University of Gothenburg, Sweden, where her research focused on applying software testing methods to computational grammars. At CCLAW, she is responsible for natural language generation from code.
Senior Research Engineer, Symbolic AI

Andreas Källberg

Andreas is a seasoned functional programmer, with over 10 years of experience in the tools and frameworks used at CCLAW. His role includes implementing the DSL, as well as supporting other researchers in their tasks.
Senior Research Engineer, Symbolic AI

Ruslan Khafizov

Ruslan is a software engineer with 2 decades of experience of building large-scale transactional systems for banks and startups. He is currently exploring possible applications of artificial reasoning in the legal domain.
Senior Research Engineer

Avishkar Mahajan

Avishkar’s background is in Mathematics and formal methods in Artificial Intelligence. He obtained a BSc in Mathematics and a MSc in Artificial Intelligence both from Imperial College London. Avishkar is interested in applications of formal logic to artificial intelligence/automated reasoning.
Research Engineer

Keong Jo Hsi

Jo Hsi has a background in information systems engineering. She is on the expert systems team, where she aims to build tools that make complex systems intelligible and emergent behaviour explorable.
Research Engineer

Maryam Hanafiah

Maryam has a background in biological sciences, computational biology, and pharmacognosy, and transitioned to web development after working in drug regulation. She is in the natural language generation team.
Assistant Research Engineer

Max Loo

Max graduated from Nanyang Technological University, majoring in Computer Engineering. He is trained in business management and had taken up many courses on programming languages. He is currently programming in Haskell.

Administrative staff

Centre Manager

Lis Kho

Lis has been in the Higher Education sector for more than a decade. She started her career in International Student Mobility and moved on to doing Academic Policies and Governance related work before taking on the role of Centre Manager.
Administrative Executive

Crystal Lim

Crystal has a background in Marketing, specialising in PR. She is now taking on an administrative role within the centre while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Affiliated Researchers

Affiliated Researcher

Avalon Campbell-Cousins

Previously a mathematician with interests in graph theory, Avalon Campbell-Cousins is now a PhD student in biomedical signal processing at the University of Edinburgh.
Affiliated Researcher

Adam Nicholas

Having completed a degree in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics at the University of Cambridge, Adam has recently accepted an MPhil offer to pursue research in the same place.
Affiliated Researcher

Megan Ma

Megan Ma is a CodeX Fellow at Stanford Law School. Her research considers the limits of legal expression, in particular how code could become the next legal language. Her work reflects on the frameworks of legal interpretation and its overlap in linguistics, logic, and aesthetic programming.
Affiliated Researcher

Dmitriy Podkopaev

Dmitriy Podkopaev leverages his engineering skills to solve a multitude of challenges as a senior Data Scientist at Simmons Wavelength Ltd., the tech arm of the London-based law firm Simmons & Simmons.

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