Stanford CodeX’s Insurance Initiative Project

The Centre has partnered with The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics (CodeX) on its insurance initiative. The core goal of the CodeX’s Insurance Initiative is to develop a shared industry toolset for computable insurance contracts. Such tools could facilitate the computer-assisted evaluation of insurance claims, comparisons across different coverage types, and much more.

CodeX, in partnership with AXA, had identified the RPCL’s developmental DSL L4 as potentially useful to this endeavour. As a proof-of-concept, RPCL’s researchers delivered an L4-based encoding of one of AXA’s motor insurance contracts. L4 was capable of encoding the formalization without major changes to the language syntax and semantics.

We are also working with CodeX-affiliated faculty on several papers to do with the theory and practice of computable contracts. 

Associated People

Principal Investigator
Wong Meng Weng
Deputy Director, Assistant Professor of Law
Jerrold Soh
Industry Director
Alexis Chun